Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wi-Fi Toolkit Suggestions?

I work for a large corporation, and so have little need or use for a
dedicated wireless toolkit. Sure, I use most wireless tools on an
regular basis, but have nothing packed into a toolkit. By toolkit, I'm
speaking about a grab-bag of essential Wi-Fi tools, software, and
accessories that consultants and contractors have packed at all times,
ready to pickup and go on an assignment at a moments notice without
foreknowledge of the situation they're being called into.

I've started a list, but would like tips from engineers using such a
toolkit in their everyday routine.

Please post your favorite items in the comments section. I'll post my
compiled list once finalized.


1 comment:

  1. Hey Andrew, here's mine;
    Serial cable, USB serial adapter and term program - Always useful
    Spare ethernet cables
    Spare USB Wifi adaptor that works with below;
    Air Magnet Wifi Analyze/Survey & Spectrum Analyzer
    WiSpy Spectrum Analyzer
    The above are constantly with me along with a USB drive for transferring files.
    If I am doing a site survey I add to the above with a stand alone AP of the manufacturer whom I am surveying or installing later, usually 1-3 antennas of various gains and a power source. I mostly use a car jumpstart battery from a hardware store and a DC converter plug to power the AP. If I don't have a power adapter for the AP I use PoE.
    Sometimes I will use a laser measurer or one of those measuring wheels as well if needed.
    Hope that helps.