Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work

I recently ran across this TEDx talk from Jason Fried from 37signals, which is a collaboration company. In the talk he discusses how creative individuals, including engineers, need long periods of un-interrupted time in order to dive deep into ideas and perform meaningful work.

I think this talk is an excellent topic for wireless engineers from two different perspectives. First, we are engineers and part of our work is creative in nature. Designing a wireless network solution is part science, but also largely part artistic and creative. Second, the networks we build are increasingly being driven by consumer and corporate demand for mobile solutions. Part of this talk discusses how individuals seek out places where they can accomplish meaningful work, and increasingly this means away from the office. The solutions we build as wireless engineers directly enable "meaningful work" to be produced by the end-users we support.

Take 15 minutes and watch this video, it's well worth the time!


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