Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Coming! Wireless Tech Field Day 2

Wireless Field Day 2 -
Getting all up in your Wi-Fi!
It's coming.... Wireless Tech Field Day 2! Are you ready?!

It's been almost one year since the first-ever Wireless Tech Field Day (WFD1) took place in sunny San Jose, CA. Stephen Foskett and the team at Gestalt IT are back at it, preparing for a second go-round with even more Wi-Fi tricks up their sleeve for the viewing audience. WFD2 will be the community's pre-eminent source for the latest news on industry direction and advancements, and lively discussion around solutions to meet the growing need for Wi-Fi in all types of environments. It will take place Jan. 25-27th in Silicon Valley and on-line in real-time.

A lot of change has occurred in the industry in one year. Wireless field day 2 will cover the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology, likely including:
  • Broader availability of 3-spatial stream access points
  • Evolution of Wi-Fi architectures (controller versus controller-less anyone?)
  • The mobile craze sweeping enterprises (including BYOD trends and solutions)
  • Beamforming advancements that improve device connectivity and reduce interference
  • Hotspot 2.0 progression with cellular to Wi-Fi authentication (and derivatives)
  • Spectrum Analysis growing in importance with increasing utilization of both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands
  • ... and probably a few surprises along the way too!

Tech Field Day events are made special by the three groups involved: delegates, sponsors, and community viewers. I call it the "Tech Field Day Trifecta!"

The Tech Field Day Trifecta

In attendance will be some of best independent industry experts ... our team of delegates who will poke and prod the vendor sponsors to get past marketing fluff and talk down 'n dirty about the future of Wi-Fi. Delegates come from a broad range of backgrounds, including training and certification providers, vendor partners, consultants, and customers.

Vendors will host the sessions, preparing presentations, hosting discussions, providing live demonstrations of technology in action, and fielding hard-hitting, brutally honest, thought-provoking questions from delegates that should make for some great discussion. The mix of vendors covers both large and small companies, and their differing approaches to delivering Wi-Fi solutions highlights the rapid pace of innovation in this industry.


Vendors, don't forget to bring the bacon (both figuratively and literally, or even bacon as a service)! Dirty chai will also be welcomed. Our delegate crew loves to be challenged with thought-provoking new ideas while avoiding the doldrums of presentation slides. Let's sink into the nitty-gritty with demonstrations, hands-on labs, and honest discussions.

Xangati "brought the bacon" at Tech Field Day #5

Both delegate and vendor groups will have a few returning faces from WFD1, as well as some new faces to provide some new perspective and opinions.

Community viewers, are you prepared to:
  • Tune-In to the live video feed that will be hosted on the TechFieldDay website?
  • Interact in real-time on social media?
  • Contribute to the discussion and get answers to your most relevant and pressing Wi-Fi questions?
  • Learn about new and exciting innovations that are coming in the world of Wi-Fi?

The industry sponsors are set. The independent delegates have been picked. In-depth discussions are imminent. We ask that you, the community of viewers, get involved. This event is for the community more than for the delegates. We want to hear your discussion, thoughts, and questions live during the sessions so we can drill into the information that is relevant.

It's coming! Be prepared. Get involved!


P.S. - Stay tuned, we may have another trick up our sleeve related to this event!

* Updated 2011/12/22 to include HP as a sponsor.

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