Here is a repository of Wi-Fi related documents and resources that WLAN administrators will find useful.

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Revolution Wi-Fi Downloads:

Designing WLANs for Capacity
35 presentation slides, PDF format.

This presentation covers an approach and methodology to integrating WLAN capacity planning into the WLAN design process to allow network engineers to effectively meet growing capacity demands by clients on wireless networks. It defines what capacity means for a WLAN, what factors determine capacity, provides an approach to designing for capacity, and where capacity planning should be integrated into the overall WLAN design process. Effective capacity planning is required for all WLANs, not just high-density environments. This information was presented at the WLAN Professionals Conference (2014).

You can also watch the presentation video and download the capacity planning worksheets to help calculate capacity needs, which helps simplify the process and step the user through each step.

Wi-Fi SSID Overhead Calculator
Excel Spreadsheet format.

This tool allows WLAN administrators to assess the network performance impact that multiple SSIDs have on their WLAN. Administrators can adjust variables to determine the optimal network configuration for their environment, and the improvement they can expect with various configuration changes including: number of SSIDs, beacon data rate, beacon interval, beacon frame size (based on the features enabled on the SSID), and the number of co-channel APs sharing airtime. A visual representation of overhead is provided based on the percentage of airtime utilization consumed by SSID beacons, which can provide a graphical reference that WLAN administrators can use when communicating with executive management.
Wi-Fi Alliance Voice-Enterprise Certification: Standardized Fast Secure Roaming
13 pages, PDF format.

This whitepaper explains the need for standardized fast secure roaming in order to provide strong WLAN security with WPA2-Enterprise while concurrently enabling transparent user mobility for real-time applications. It highlights the historical challenges WLAN administrators faced when attempting to meet both of these objectives simultaneously, describes the requirements that infrastructure and client devices must meet in order to achieve certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance, establishes the performance criteria for successful fast secure roaming, explains the technical details of how fast secure roaming works with 802.11r Fast BSS Transition, and outlines performance optimization features included in 802.11k and 802.11v that are included as part of the Voice-Enterprise certification program.
Aerohive High-Density Wi-Fi Design Guide
113 pages, PDF format.

This guide provides resources for WLAN engineers working with any vendor’s equipment to understand the factors that influence WLAN deployment success and to begin designing WLAN networks that meet the increasing capacity demands placed upon them. This guide covers requirements gathering, network design (RF, WLAN, AAA, wired LAN), network configuration, and ongoing network monitoring and optimization. This guide also introduces my unique approach to network capacity planning and provides worksheets for estimating the required capacity (throughput, airtime, number of APs) to support a given deployment scenario.
Aerohive High-Density Wi-Fi Design Principles
23 pages, PDF format.

This whitepaper provides the essential principles involved in designing and deploying high-density WLANs. This is an abbreviated version of the full high-density design guide, meant to provide a quick introduction of the key considerations for WLAN network engineers.

Downloads From Other Sources:

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