Friday, November 26, 2010

CyberMonday Wish List

Inspired by Dan's post on his cyber Monday wish list over at Margin Scribbles, here is my own wish list for this holiday season.

  1. CACE Wi-Fi Pilot and 3-Pack AirPcap Nx Adapter - sniffing packets is just so much fun, what better way to celebrate the holidays. I've always been hamstrung capturing wireless frames in monitor mode on my Windows PCs, having to resort to loading up a Linux distro (may I recommend Backtrack v4 just released). So this year I would like native Windows capturing capabilities to increase my wireless efficiencies. I could use Omnipeek as well, but I'm more familiar with Wireshark and Omnipeek workstation licensing is so unfriendly.

  2. Arkon IPM127 bicycle mount for iPhone - riding my bicycle spring through fall in Minneapolis is great. Carrying my GPS integrated iPhone in the back of my jersey or in a seat-pouch is not. I need to be able to view my progress while I'm riding, pause tracking while waiting for those infrequent intersection cross-walks which I avoid as often as I can, and keep my butt motivated to perform better than the last time. Combining a bicycle mount, music player, and a GPS bicycle tracking app such as Cyclemeter.

  3. Star Trek TNG Complete DVD Series - okay, strictly speaking this is not a techie item. But I love Star Trek The Next Generation and have been recording re-runs on my DVR for a year now. That's just not cutting it anymore, I must own the complete series. Someday, my future kids will watch Picard save Earth from the Borg, I know it.

  4. Immunity SILICA-U - penetration testing can be so much fun. I've played with tons of pen-test tools, my favorites being BackTrack, Metasploit, aircrack-ng, and coWPAtty. But if I'm going to get serious about this stuff I need a professional wireless pen-testing tool. Immunity's SILICA-U takes wireless pen-testing to the next level, and I want some of that action.

I have plenty more geeky toys in my wish list, but those are my tops.


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