Monday, January 31, 2011

Shamrockin' the Wireless Industry

The first ever Wireless Tech Field Day will be held over St. Patrick's Day in San Jose, CA on March 17-18th, 2011. This event follows in the footsteps of 5 previous Tech Field Days, but is specifically focused on wireless LAN technology.

Delegates are chosen who are typically independently-minded thought leaders in the field. They are knowledgeable, well-spoken, experienced individuals who are able to identify key trends and advancements in the industry, engage vendors with unique perspectives, are excited to learn, and are willing to challenge vendors to excellence.

Innovative product vendors will be brought in to present their visions and roadmaps for the future. No formal announcements have been made as of yet. However, the wireless industry is seeing a boom of innovation in the recent several years. Startups from 3-5 years ago are finding their voices (and markets) quite well, with innovation at every turn. I doubt there will be a shortage of qualified presenters with engaging material to keep us on our toes, asking questions, and challenging new solutions.

Delegates for the first-ever Wireless Tech Field Day include:
Marcus BurtonCWNP@MarcusBurton
Samuel ClementsSam’s wireless@Samuel_Clements
Rocky GregoryIntensified@BionicRocky
Jennifer HuberWireless CCIE, Here I Come!@JenniferLucille
Chris LyttleWiFi Kiwi’s Blog@WiFiKiwi
Keith ParsonsWireless LAN Professionals@KeithRParsons
George Stefanickmy80211@WirelesssGuru
Andrew vonNagyRevolution Wi-Fi@RevolutionWiFi
Steve WilliamsWiFi Edge@SteveWilliams_

Whoa, what a list! I am honored to be selected along with such a great group of experienced wireless LAN professionals.

Throughout the two-day event, I plan on blogging, tweeting, and sharing photos with the larger community. The value of knowledge compounds when shared, and I plan on keeping you all in the loop! However, some NDA material may be presented by sponsors that will definitely be omitted.

Discolure - All travel, lodging, and meals are being paid for by the event sponsors. However, I am under no obligation to write positive reviews of participating sponsors, and am encouraged to provide my honest opinion of what is discussed during the events.

Personally, I am excited to have the opportunity to preview vendor roadmaps for the future, network with peers, question vendor strategy, learn from some very smart individuals, provide relevant insight and feedback from my personal experiences, and discuss everything and anything related to wireless technology in a collaborative and social setting.

To my fellow delegates, vendors, presenters, and hosts - let's rock the wireless industry St. Patty style and make the first wireless tech field day a successful one!


Pictures courtesy of and Gestalt IT.

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