Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium, Live 25-Jan-2012

The Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium will take place on Jan. 25th, 2012 in San Jose, CA live and streaming on-line at the Tech Field Day website.

This one day event will bring together panelists from industry vendors developing the latest Wi-Fi technology with the larger community to discuss emerging solutions and provide a vision for the future. Stay tuned for a full list of panelists as they are announced prior to the event. Organized by the Gestalt IT crew of Stephen Foskett and Matt Simmons, and will be moderated by independent industry experts Marcus Burton and myself.

Tickets for free attendance will be available through EventBrite. Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter by following @TechFieldDay@SFoskett, @standaloneSA@MarcusBurton@RevolutionWiFi, and the rest of the Wireless Field Day 2 delegate and sponsor participants.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Mobile Devices & BYOD - The appeal of the latest generation of smartphones and tablets is undeniable. Consumers are buying mobile devices in record quantities, replacing sales of traditional PCs and laptops, and becoming more tech-savvy than ever. And now they want that flexibility and ease-of-use in the workplace too. The industry is calling this trend the "consumerization of IT" and one thing is clear, enterprise IT departments have little say in the matter due to executive level sponsorship. Symposium panelists will present the challenges and opportunities with mobile devices in the workplace, and discuss solutions that allow IT departments to effectively enable workforce mobility without compromising corporate data security.

  • Hotspot 2.0 - Public Wi-Fi hotspots are predicted to grow at an astounding rate, quadrupling in number from 1.3M to 5.8M between now ant 2015 according to the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA). Due in large part to the growing demand for mobile data by consumers and the lack of available capacity on cellular data networks (even after LTE upgrades), Wi-Fi offload has become a key strategy for most mobile network operators. Recognizing this need, the Wi-Fi Alliance and WBA teamed up to create the new Wi-Fi Certified Hotspot program which promises to provide a cellular-like user experience by streamlining Wi-Fi network selection and access. Hotspot operators will also be able to leverage cellular or 3rd party credential providers to facilitate network access and to provide data security. Symposium panelists will present the business drivers for the next generation of Wi-Fi hotspots, and discuss progress made by industry participants to bring Hotspot 2.0 solutions to market.

  • Gigabit Wi-Fi - Speed is king. The desire for in-home video and multimedia distribution is growing as consumers increasingly adopt more dynamic time-shifted and location-shifted media consumption behaviors. Wireless networking is the preferred method due to its ease-of-use, ubiquity, and low-cost compared to wired network installation. Two separate standards are being developed to enable higher capacity and support for multiple high-def video streams: 802.11ac provides gigabit speeds for multi-room access and ensures backward compatibility with existing Wi-Fi equipment in the 5GHz frequency band, while 802.11ad provides multi-gigabit speeds at much shorter ranges but does not provide compatibility due to operation in the much higher 60GHz frequency range. Symposium panelists will present the benefits and development progress for both standards, and discuss use-cases within the home as well as enterprise environments.

Community discussion will be facilitated through live attendance as well as Twitter for those not able to attend in-person.

Supplemental material will also be provided through support from the Packet Pushers Podcast and the brand-new No Strings Attached podcast for Wi-Fi professionals!

We hope you will join us for this informative event on the future of the Wi-Fi industry!

Andrew vonNagy

P.S. - For a feel of what the Symposium is all about, check out the previous OpenFlow Symposium organized by Tech Field Day!

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