Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NSAShow - A New Wi-Fi Podcast!

A new podcast for the New Year!

I'd like to point my readers' attention to a new Wi-Fi podcast, the No Strings Attached Show (NSAShow).

As Wi-Fi professionals, we felt the void left after the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast was concluded (big love to Keith for creating such an awesome resource for the community). A few of us even contributed to other networking focused podcasts, such as the highly successful Packet Pushers Podcast. But overall there is just a lack of relevant discussion on Wi-Fi topics available.

The NSAShow podcast is intended to fill that gap with high-quality, independent, wireless content by providing regular discussion on current Wi-Fi industry topics. Podcast content will be focused on a real-world look at technology and solutions without the marketing fluff. Our goal is to be honest and fair in evaluating the benefits and limitations of Wi-Fi technology, without vendor bashing. We will also cover emerging technologies so that Wi-Fi professionals are prepared to plan, design, and integrate new solutions based on these technologies.

With this in mind, we created the No Strings Attached Show.

Our hosts come from varying backgrounds within the industry, but two things are constant - we are all independent and each of us has a genuine passion for Wi-Fi. We love learning, designing, deploying, and supporting the technology and are not bound by devotion to any one vendor. This means a lot to us! It helps keeps us focused on Wi-Fi as a technology for the greater good, without vendor bias.

Our contributors come from various VARs, partners, and enterprise customers, providing the show and our listeners with insights on technology from various perspectives. We also bring our collective years of experience to the show, so we can cut through the proverbial fat and focus on the aspects that matter most in real-world deployments. We hope this translates into content that people care about and want to listen to.

Blake KroneDigital Lifestyle@BlakeKrone
Sam ClementsSC-WiFi@Samuel_Clements
Jennifer HuberWireless CCIE, here I come!@JenniferLucille
Andrew vonNagyRevolution Wi-Fi@RevolutionWiFi
George StefanickMy 802.11@wirelessguru
Chris LyttleWiFi Kiwi’s Blog@WiFiKiwi

Episode #1 - Tools to Become an RF Whisperer
In this episode we take a look at some of the software tools used by some of the top Wireless engineers on a day to day basis. We start of by looking at Ekahau Site Survey and AirMagnet Survey Pro. Each of these applications have their pros and cons as we explain their differences and how they work. Next we roll into RF analysis tools such as Cisco Spectrum ExpertMetageek Chanalyzer, and finallyAirMagnet SpectrumXT. Listen as the discussion goes from what’s the best software tool to use to a hot topic out there today: where is Cisco’s USB adapter to keep up with the ever changing form factors of laptops? Finally we end the show with a brief discussion regarding packet capture tools like WiresharkWildPackets, and AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer.

We hope you enjoy this first episode, we had a lot of fun recording it and are looking forward to your feedback for future episodes!

*Note - Episode 1 was originally published earlier today (4-Jan) for several hours until an error with the episode was brought to our attention and the episode was pulled temporarily. If you listened to the show at that time, then you likely missed the last topic segment and show closing (about 12 min). Please listen to the episode again at this time to hear the full show content. Our apologies as we work out the kinks (we're new to this after all).

Future Episodes
The team plans to release podcast episodes on a regular basis. Unlike the first episode, not all of us will be on every show. We will take turns hosting episodes as topics and expertise dictate, likely one or two of us per-show.

We have tons of ideas for shows already, but welcome ideas and submissions from the community! Additionally, we plan on bringing guests onto the show to discuss relevant topics and have a few lined up already.

The podcast team will be present at the upcoming Wi-Fi Mobility Symposium and Wireless Field Day 2 events in late January, so keep an eye out for coverage of those events.

How to Follow the Show
Simply stated, we have a passion for Wi-Fi and want to facilitate knowledge sharing within the industry. But we can't do it alone! After all, we don't know everything about Wi-Fi. That's where we bring in guests to share relevant information on the show with the broader community. Through the associated website and blog we will also incorporate listener feedback and input. If you're a vendor or Wi-Fi professional and would like to contribute to the podcast or blog, contact any one of us.

So head on over to the website, subscribe to the full-site RSS feed or the podcast-only RSS feed, follow @NSAShow on Twitter, and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Then leave us a comment if you have feedback or something to share!

Let us know what you think!


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